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SUMMER SALE - 50% off EVERYTHING + extra 5% off with code SUMMER5

Mattress Guide

Here at beds online store we believe the perfect mattress is the ultimate key to a great night’s sleep. Together our team has developed a mattress guide to help you pick your dream mattress. A good night’s rest is extremely important, although many underrate how important a good night’s rest is to our physical & emotional health. 


Pocket Sprung Mattresses

One of our bestselling mattresses, the pocket mattress consists of individual pockets of springs to secure the weight of your body, the pocket sprung mattress has an option of soft, medium, firm or extra firm, also the more springs in the mattress the more firmer it will be. A pocket mattress is a great option for all those individuals that suffer from back and joint pain. each pocket spring reacts independently to body weight, this can help support correct spinal alignment to a greater degree than a standard mattress would.

You can also choose your firmness, pocket count to make the mattress bespoke to your needs, click here to view our pocket mattress range.


Orthopaedic Mattresses

The orthopaedic mattress is renowned for being extra firm and is recommended by medical experts to those who suffer from body pain, the extra firm springs are imported from Germany made by specialists to ensure our customers are getting their moneys worth.


Memory Foam Mattresses

An increasingly popular choice, memory foam mattresses are responsive to heat and pressure. Designed to conform to the shape of your body, memory foam provides the ultimate comfort and support.


Natural Fillings

For those individuals who would like a natural feel. A natural fillings mattress is more of a premium range mattress, helps keep

Whether you usually get too warm or too cold in bednatural fillings such as wool, cotton, flax and mohair will help to regulate your body's temperature, keeping you comfortable throughout the year